Freitag, 11. November 2011

11/11/11 - Kennaden - Fifty Fifty (Mixtape) (ft. Knightstalker)

My man Kennaden just dropped his brand new "Fifty Fifty" mixtape, which is a compilation of all his great duets! Massive French Rap star power on that tape: Alibi Montana, Smoker, Larsen, Alkpote, Poison, Gued1, Le Gued Mussolini...just to name a few...and of course yours truly on the unreleased track "InternatioRap" (Remix) (prod. by Ladré). Peep the tape right here:


1.Drive by lyrical (feat. Brando)
2.On est al (feat. Le Gued Mussolini)
3.On rigole pas (feat. Larsen)
4.Ils parlent de nous (feat. Smoker)
5.De pire en pire (feat. Anonima)
6.Daleux (feat. Ndal)
7.Ma jeunesse (feat. 1conito)
8.J'arretrai pas (feat. Nosfer)
9.C'est mortel (feat. Ten-J)
10.R.a.p (feat. Dgelo  of La Zone)
11.Le retour du 187 (feat. Gued1)
12.Debrouillard (feat. Markus of Futur Proche)
13.Livraison speciale (feat. Ahmess)
14.Rafales verbales (feat. Reeno)
15.Putain de putain (feat. Alkpote)
16.Terrorisant (feat. Poison)
17.Pas dblabla (feat. Alien of Xplosif click)
18.Tenebreuse connection (feat. Ahmess)
19.Ya plus de confiance (feat. Alibi Montana)
20.Ca defouraille (feat. B-laid)
21.Quand tu t'en sort ca derange (feat. Poison Verbal)
22.Com Dab (feat. Anonima) (Inedit)
23.Internatiorap (feat. OP du FGS) (Inedit)
24.Internatiorap (Remix) (feat. Knightstalker) (Inedit)
25.La cite des anges (feat. Aryn) (Inedit)

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