Donnerstag, 10. November 2011

11/10/11 – Jeune Ras - Franck Muller's Kush (Mixtape) (ft. Knightstalker)

My man Jeune Ras is back with a brand new mixtape called "Franck Muller's Kush" and I'm featured on two tracks "Une seule chance", which also features Italian rapper Zerotto (prod. by Ras), as well as "Dar", featuring French rappers Kennaden & Ten-J (prod. by Masterwyne & Ras)! Lot's of bangin' tracks on there, peep the tape below ;)


01. Intro Franck Muller (prod. by ras)
02. F.U.M.E.
03. Franck Muller (prod. by Ridin High)
04. On adore ça (prod. by ras)
05. Petit Bang (prod. by ras)
06. Franck Muller’s Kush (FM Kush) (prod. by ras)
07. Crack dans les mains (feat. Stretch Money & Harry Kane) (prod. by ras)
08. Une seule chance (feat. Knightstalker & Zerotto) (prod. by ras)
09. Dar (feat. Knightstalker, Kennaden & Ten-J) (prod. by masterwyne & ras)

10. Skit FM
11. Ma fraiche
12. Party (feat. Fetti) (prod. by danny-t)
13. Un 15 (prod. by ras)
14. FM Kush 2 (prod. by ras)
15. Fly Me To The Moon (prod. by ras)
16. Plaques (Racks rmx)
17. Get it (feat. Slim Thug) (prod. by 7Inch)
18. A chier par le bas (feat. Seno)
19. Killin Fields (feat. Vision Complex) (prod. by Steve Vicious)
20. FM Kush 3 (prod. by ras)
21. D’la Weed & des Roses (prod. by ras)

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