Montag, 31. Januar 2011

01/31/11 – “Countdown” CDs + Knightstalker T-Shirts !!!

By now, ya'll might've noticed that I dropped an EP last month that goes by the name "The Countdown". The digital version of the EP is available at Bandcamp for 5€.

You can also get the physical version (CD that is) for 5€ + shipping, directly from me. Send me a message either on Facebook or Myspace if you're interested and I can tell you how much shipping to your destination will be like!

This is what the CDs look like:

For the first time, we also have t-shirts (male) available! The shirts are high quality cotton shirts and available in male sizes s-xxl! Special introductory price is 10€ + shipping! The shopping procedure is the same as mentioned above for the CDs ;)

and this is what the shirts look like:

And last but not least make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and peep the "Countdown" video right here:

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