Donnerstag, 7. Oktober 2010

Podcast + Mixtapes update!

Just wanted to let ya'll know what's been happening lately ;-)

My man DJ Modesty played the "Platoon Leaders" song w/ Apaulo Treed at "The Real Hip Hip Show" which is an extremely dope podcast btw, focusin' strictly on that real hiphop shit!

Peep it right here:

or here:

The same song featuring Apaulo Treed has also been featured on DJ Phat's "The Ear 2 Da Streetz Vol.7" mixtape which you can download for free right here:

If you didn't know already, I'm a part of the Underground Fix team and therefore my ppl put "Ancient Spirit Pt.2", which is produced by my homie Koyto, on there "Underground Fix Vol.22" mixtape that you can find here:

And last but definitely not least: My partner DJ Phiya dropped his "We Eat Or Die 11" mixtape including "Opening Move" feat. Armageddon...just hit the cover to listen to the tape:

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