Donnerstag, 30. September 2010

Knightstalker - Platoon Leaders (Digi-Single) (2010)

Waddup yall?

Its been quite a while since ya'll last heard from me but i've been busy handlin' a couple of things yaknow...anyways I ain't lettin ya'll down when it comes to my monthly free download release, so here we go:

My newest single's called "Platoon Leaders" and features Apaulo Treed. The song is a military-style-battle-rap track while the B-Side "Represent The Revolution Pt.2" featuring French rapper Alpaga is more militant and political! "Platoon Leaders" is produced by my man Romeo (Berlin/Germany) and "Represent The Revolution Pt.2" has been produced by Stabil (Copenhagen/Denmark). As always there's a remix to the title track which has been produced by my man Marodeur (also Berlin/Germany) again. As ya'll might see, we got some pretty international release right here (Germany, USA, France & Denmark)...

I hope ya'll enjoy free release #9 of 12 this year ;-)


01. Platoon Leaders feat. Apaulo Treed
02. Represent The Revolution Pt.2 feat. Alpaga
03. Platoon Leaders (Remix) feat. Apaulo Treed
04. Platoon Leaders (Instrumental)
05. Represent The Revolution Pt.2 (Instrumental)
06. Platoon Leaders (Remix) (Instrumental)


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