Freitag, 6. Januar 2012

01/06/12 – Keno MC - No Dayz Off 3 (incl. Fight For Freedom)

My man Keno MC dropped his brand new solo joint called "No Dayz Off 3" incl. "Fight For Freedom" by Keno MC feat. Knightstalker (prod. by Ashen Spark)!


01. Introduction to the world
02. Worldwide barz (featuring Wooden Souljah)
03. We go hard (featuring Stretch Money and Reks Londonboy)
04. Around us (featuring Intalek)
05. Flash de rhum vide
06. Need a break (featuring P.Stew of Uzual Suspectz)
07. Ma destination
08. Worldwide connected skit
09. Toujours a l'heure
10. Where we from (featuring Jus.P)
11. Skit FM remix (featuring Jeune Ras, Dutch Boogie and Verbal King)
12. Heavy lourd (featuring Sin City, Five Steez and P.Stew)
13. Trop vrai
14. Fight for freedom (featuring Knightstalker)
15. No dayz off anthem


Keno MC @ Web

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