Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2011

12/22/11 – Lost In Translation Vol.3 (Mixtape) -> OUT NOW!!!

Volume 3 of the "Lost In Translation" mixtape series is out now!!! You can download the tape right here or stream it here! We got a couple exclusive tracks by Fossoyeur and our homie Le First as well as the latest and freshest French underground rap songs! But peep the tape below for yourself ;) Mixed by DJ Easy & hosted by Fossoyeur!


01. Fossoyeur - Intro
02. Fossoyeur - I'll Whip Ya Head Boy (50 Cent Remix) [EXCLUSIVE]
03. Medouze - 78 History X (prod. by Medouze) [EXCLUSIVE]
04. Lil Sai - Miseria (ft. Prince Negaafellaga & Falgas prod. by R.F.D.O.)
05. Dutch Boogie - La Vie D'1 Hustler (Remix) (prod. by Verbal King)
06. Kennaden - Ils Parlent De Nous (ft. Smoker prod. by Le Roumain)
07. Le First - D'ou Je Viens (ft. OBD & Adi Abraham prod. by Artillery Sound) [EXCLUSIVE]
08. OP du FGS - F.G.S. (prod. by Shadowville Productions)
09. Eko du 94 - Un Jack de Weed (ft. Medis, Tyler Dorden & Bsm prod. by Mac Murder Muzik)
10. Fossoyeur - You Came Up (Big Pun Remix) [EXCLUSIVE]
11. Keno MC - Flash De Rhum Vide (prod. by Dutch Boogie)
12. Knightstalker - Knightmares (ft. Alpaga prod. by Marodeur)
13. Ismael - No Matter Where You From (ft. Knightstalker prod. by West Team Music)
14. OVIR - Ma Therapie (prod. by Kimokam)
15. Joe Lucazz & Kenny Kenz - Parait Il (prod. by Tony Danza)
16. Fossoyeur - Les Faux Vont Payer (prod. by Nico77) [EXCLUSIVE]
17. Le First - Ne Dis Jamais (prod. by WER) [EXCLUSIVE]
18. Aslan - Emeutes (ft. Wira prod. by Aslan)
19. Fossoyeur - Un Pied Dans La Rue [EXCLUSIVE]
20. Fossoyeur - Drive By Music (ft. Bramzer prod. by Fossoyeur) [EXCLUSIVE]
21. Medouze - Vague Nocturne (prod. by DJ Neuf)
22. Jeune Ras - Une Seule Chance (ft. Knightstalker prod. by RAS)
23. Fossoyeur - Pile Ou Face (ft. Pim Pim prod. by Pim Pim) [EXCLUSIVE]
24. Fossoyeur - Outro
Bonus Tracks
25. Prince Negaafellaga - Ouais C'est Chaud (ft. Since Kelly, Malicking & dB prod. by Danny The Cool) [Bonus Track]
26. Bars am Sonntag #49 - Nehm Mein Schicksal In Die Hand (Youssoupha - Ma Destinée RMX) [Bonus Track]

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Download @ Hulkshare

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