Montag, 19. Dezember 2011

12/19/11 – Fossoyeur - Les Faux Vont Payer (Lost In Translation Vol.3 EXCLUSIVE)

It's about that time: the "Lost In Translation Vol.3" mixtape will finally drop this week! I will present the tape of course and my man DJ Easy will handle the mixing! Our host this time is none other than Fossoyeur representin' the 92.Department! Fossoyeur dropped 4 solo albums since 2007, as well as a critically acclaimed collabo lp with IAM's Freeman called "Moi Et Moi Seul".

Today we got the EXCLUSIVE song "Les Faux Vont Payer" (prod. by Nico77) by Fossoyeur available for ya'll as a free download!

The "Lost In Translation" tape will have more exclusive songs by Fossoyeur and Le First as well as bangin' new music by Wira (Zakariens), Joe Lucazz, Jeune Ras, Medouze, OP du FGS, Lil‘ Sai, Prince Negaafellaga, Kennaden, Falgas, Keno MC and many many more! Peep the first teaser right here:

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1. Fossoyeur - Les Faux Vont Payer (prod. by Nico77)

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