Donnerstag, 4. August 2011

08/04/11 – Knightstalker @ Tip Berlin magazine!

There's a small but mighty article on me and my upcoming "Opening Move" mixtape in the newest Tip Berlin magazine, which is one of Germany's biggest street journals with about 40.000 copies sold every 2 weeks. I know that like 99,9% of ya'll won't have the chance to hit a newsstand in Berlin/Germany so I thought of postin it right here ;)

The lead single "Verse 4 Verse" with my ppl Double A.B. & LuGuz can still be streamed and/or downloaded right here:

   Knightstalker feat. Double A.B. & LuGuz-Verse 4 Verse-(prod. by Romeo) by stalkinseason

Stream & Download

Double A.B. @ Web

LuGuz @ Twitter

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