Dienstag, 7. Dezember 2010

12/07/10 - Knightstalker on Strike 9's "Vom Block Zum Block"

My homie Strike 9 released his German Rap sampler called "Vom Block Zum Block" and guess what, ya boy Knightstalker's on there too! Me and Striker did a song called "Nachtaktiv" (nocturnal in English) produced by Luvas! If you're interested in German rap, peep this release and check out my homie's Facebook & Myspace pages.

Strike 9 feat. Knightstalker "Nachtaktiv" (prod. by Luvas) on "Vom Block Zum Block":


01. Intro
02. Vom Block zum Block
03. Nachtaktiv (feat. Knightstalker)
04. Spiegelbild (feat. A.Fresh)
05. Sie sagen (feat. epue)
06. Herz is' Trumpf
07. Momente (feat. Tendenz)
08. Dieser Schritt
09. Der Traum (feat. Pamor)
10. Fusion (feat. Flowone)
11. Berliner Schule (feat. Hitowa)
12. Kein Cent (feat. Freddy)
13. Neubeginn (feat. Reatsch)
14. Mein Rap

Btw. Infos about my upcoming EP (Release Date: Dec., 15th 2010) will follow within the next days ;-) Stay tuned!!!

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