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06/16/11 – DJ Tony Harder - The Underground Mixdown 12 incl. "Kick & Snare (Euro Mix)" & "Hip Hop"

The homie DJ Tony Harder is back with "The Underground Mixdown 12"incl. the "Kick & Snare (Euro Mix)" by me, Jimmy Cena & Jeune Ras and also "Hip Hop" aka Bars am Sonntag #21 by me & Timo Moulla Mohamed.


1.L. Black Da Eastcoast Bully - Shiftee
2.A-Block - What Up Gangsta
3.Ronnie Bass - Clap 4 Me
4.Prinxmikul - Shes My Fairy Tale
5.Radamez - Chaos
6.Mann feat. Snoop Dogg and Iyaz - The Mack 
7.Tony Tone Montana - Black And Gold
8.L. Black Da Eastcoast Bully - People Want My Power (prod. by DJ Whiteowl)
9.Glovez - Million Dollar Maker
10.D.N.T feat. Haskelli - 4-20
11.SouthEast T - I Do My Thing
12.Maff Test aka Young Harvey - Made Of
13.The President fea. Jim Jones - Money Bags
14.Soulmystic feat. Mondisa - Do What You Wanna Do (prod. by Remshot)
15.Capotil - I Love My Fukin Haterz
16.Manuella & CTG FAM - Fresh Out The Kitchen (prod. by Hala-X) 
17.SouthEast T - Full Speed Ahead
18.Manuella - Love U So (prod. by Allrounda Productions)
19.Whiplash - Ladidah
20.A-Block - I'm Serious (Freestyle)
21.Manuella, Kelvin & Jakub Evolved - We Are Hip Hop
22.SouthEast T & Illyresyst feat. Monsta - Money Aint Everything
23.Prinxmikul feat. Ty Flows - Turn The Radio
24.Tony Tone Montana & A-Block - More Than Music
25.L. Black Da Eastcoast Bully - Dog Sh*t (Freestyle)
26.Silky Locura feat. Prinxmikul - Revenge
27.Silky Locura - Come Try Me Bitch
28.Ben London Ft. Manuella - Enfant du Soleil (trod. by Ben London) 
29.Donny Goines - What Up Bro (prod. by Canei)
30.L.E.P Bogus Boys feat. Gucci Mane - Handlin Biz
31.Knightstalker, Jimmy Cena, Jeune Ras - Kick & Snare (Euro Mix) (prod. by Heatrock)
32.Knightstalker & TMM - Hip Hop - (Joell Ortiz Freestyle)

33.Yung Trap feat. Brisco - Hold Up
34.Jeune Ras feat. Slim Thug - Get It (prod. by 7inch)
35.King Cyris - BlueBerry Hill

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