Donnerstag, 12. August 2010

Koyto: Forth & Back Vol.2 (Dropping Sep. 1st) + DJ Butter B Mixtape (Out Now!!!)

It's time for some news: My man Koyto, a dope ass Spanish beatmaker, is droppin' the second volume of his "Forth & Back" mixtape/compilation series. The joint features acts like Phil The Agony, Sabotawj, Kohndo (La Cliqua), Junclassic, Wildelux, yours truly aka Knightstalker etc. and is completely produced by Koyto! Check the following teaser to see who's on there and catch a glimpse of what's about to go down ;-)

On another note, my man DJ Butter B released his "It Is What It Is Vol.4" mixtape a couple days ago and guess what, my joint wit Ice Water's Stumik "Sinister Fate" is on there! So peep the tape by clickin' on the cover below ;-)

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