Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

Knightstalker & Le First - Lost In Translation (EP) (2010)

Here we go again: This should be the 7th free single that I drop this year but instead of comin' wit another single I decided to drop a bangin' ass ep in collaboration with my homie Le First, a French rapper from Berlin/Germany. Both of us ain't spittin' in German, hence the title "Lost In Translation". We're givin' you 5 songs + 1 remix & 2 instrumentals...all for free! Guests include Casus Belli (Lyon/FR), Falgas (Bordeaux/FR) and Liquit Walker (Berlin/DE). The EP is mainly produced by Romeo with additional beats by the legendary German DJ Danetic, spanish producer MIR and Tumor aka TwoMore, an up-n-comin' producer duo from Switzerland.

Enjoy my 7th release aka 1st ep this year and feel free to hit me up wit any comments or feedback ;-)


01. Lost In Translation (prod. by Romeo)
02. Serious Shit feat. Liquit Walker (prod. by by Romeo)
03. La Haine (prod. by MIR)
04. La Meme Plume feat. Falgas (prod. by DJ Danetic)
05. L'Esprit De Liberté feat. Casus Belli (prod. by Romeo)
06. Lost In Translation (Remix) (prod. by Tumor aka TwoMore)
07. Lost In Translation (Instrumental) (prod. by Romeo)
08. Lost In Translation (Remix Instrumental) (prod. by Tumor aka TwoMore)

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