Mittwoch, 30. Juni 2010

Knightstalker - Sinister Fate (Digi-Single) (2010)

Yeah I know I'm kinda late again but it's still the last day of June so I'm still in time with my free single #6 this year. This time I got a very special guest wit me, Stumik from Staten Island/NY. In case you don't know Stumik is a member of Raekwon's Icewater crew who dropped their successful debut album "Polluted Water" on Babygrande records in 2007. Our song is called "Sinister Fate" and is a dark track about the game of survival in urban areas, whether it's New York/USA, Berlin/Germany or wherever! The track creates a really dark wu-tang-like atmosphere, thanx to the production from French producer Shaolin Beatmaker. The remix has been done by man Romeo (once again!).

Enjoy my 6th free single this year and feel free to hit me up wit any comments or feedback ;-)


01. Sinister Fate feat. Stumik of Icewater (prod. by Shaolin Beatmaker)
02. Sinister Fate (Remix) feat. Stumik of Icewater (prod. by Romeo)
03. Sinister Fate (Instrumental) (prod. by Shaolin Beatmaker)
04. Sinister Fate (Remix Instrumental) (prod. Romeo)

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